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August Magazine

Xclusively Jaguar – August 21

Welcome to the August 2021 issue of Xclusively Jaguar Magazine!
August 2021 hails 13 years since the beginning of Xclusively Jaguar, and in this very special issue we are honoured to be welcoming Sir John Egan as our latest patron, and Esta-jane Middling, who will be joining me in running Xclusively Jaguar!

Xclusively Jaguar – July 21

This month we reminisce on a journey in 50EE, the SNG Barratt Series 1 E-type. Martin Joyce traces the development of Fuel Injection and Electronic Engine Management Systems. We take a look at a book devoted to toy Jaguar cars and Tony O’keeffe treats himself to a big Jaguar – a stunning X350!

Xclusively Jaguar – June ’21

Daimler Super Eight is a special edition of Xclusively Jaguar magazine which features my eight ultimate Daimlers!

Not an exhaustive list of Daimler cars or the company history, just the ones I would have, given the opportunity!

If you could have just one, which would you choose?

Xclusively Jaguar – May ’21

This month Martin Joyce talks about Refinement and how Jaguar go about eliminating Noise, Vibration and Harshness from their cars. Howard Hunt looks back at the press launch of the X-type, Andy Couper of Lockton Performance defines Agreed Value and Rex Wallis remembers a trip to the Outback in a 1933 SS1

Xclusively Jaguar – April ’21

This month we are experimenting with a new style cover and the chance for you to win a free E-type colouring sheet. The E-type is well covered in this issue as we try to re-capture some of the excitement of the 50th anniversary, when celebrating landmarks was much easier than in current circumstances!

Xclusively Jaguar – March ’21

This month we introduce Quinn Lyons as our latest sponsors, set the record straight on Jaguar replicas, and take a moment to appreciate the X-type – the model that, for Jaguar, pioneered the estate body, front wheel drive, all-wheel drive and diesel power!

Xclusively Jaguar – January ’21

While our cover picture celebrates events past we look forward to an automobilia auction. We highlight the benefits of insuring your cherished car collection with Lockton Performance. Martin Joyce explains one of the ways in which Jaguar have improved fuel economy over the years.

Wishing all our readers a Happy New Year!

Jaguar X300 XJR Manual

I own two of these rare X300 XJR Manual cars, from a production run of only 102 rhd, with possibly less than half surviving today. Sadly, one must now go – you choose the one you would like to buy and I keep the other one!