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Xclusively Jaguar e-Magazine

View the latest issue of the Xclusivley Jaguar e-Magazine, or browse through the archives to revisit Jaguar history, Jaguar influencers and the services that keep us all going!

June ’21

Daimler Super Eight is a special edition of Xclusively Jaguar magazine which features my eight ultimate Daimlers! Not an exhaustive list of Daimler cars or the company history, just the ones I would have, given the opportunity!

May ’21

This month Martin Joyce talks about Refinement and how Jaguar go about eliminating Noise, Vibration and Harshness from their cars. Howard Hunt looks back at the press launch of the X-type, Andy Couper of Lockton Performance defines Agreed Value and Rex Wallis remembers a trip to the Outback in a 1933 SS1.

April ’21

This month we are experimenting with a new style cover and the chance for you to win a free E-type colouring sheet. The E-type is well covered in this issue as we try to re-capture some of the excitement of the 50th anniversary, when celebrating landmarks was much easier than in current circumstances!

March ’21

This month we introduce Quinn Lyons as our latest sponsors, set the record straight on Jaguar replicas, and take a moment to appreciate the X-type – the model that, for Jaguar, pioneered the estate body, front wheel drive, all-wheel drive and diesel power!

February ’21

This special edition of the magazine features the Lynx Eventer. We look at its history, introduce the man who created a comprehensive register, confirm the numbers built and speculate on the chances of celebrating its 40th anniversary.

January ’21

This month our Spotlight on a Sponsor features Lockton Performance and we would urge anyone with a cherished collection of cars and/or automobilia to take a closer look at what Lockton Performance can offer you …. We did, and were very pleasantly surprised!

December ’20

Our Christmas issue of Xclusively Jaguar Magazine offers a huge selection of Christmas gift ideas, along with regular features.

November ’20

This month’s magazine celebrates 10 years with Brucie, my 1997 Spruce Green X300 4 litre LWB Sovereign, and along with all the latest news we welcome Howard Hunt, retired Project Engineer, Jaguar Press Cars, as a worthy patron of Xclusively Jaguar.

October ’20

This month’s cover picture was taken by Colin Porter of Swallows Racing and features Clive Harrop’s X300 XJR – the first right-hand drive manual production car, which you can see more of in this issue.

This issue features a report on “Jaguars at Gaydon” one of few events held this year, and very well attended.

September ’20

This month, we have a report on a rare event this year, a race meeting held at Thruxton, a proposed track day in October 2020 and a look at how club racing pays tribute to our motoring heritage.

August ’20

This issue marks the 12th anniversary of Xclusively Jaguar, so what better way to celebrate than with a cover picture of an XJ12. Rob Jenner has owned this XJ81 version of the XJ40 for over 20 years, and it is still in impeccable original condition!


Les Hughes

Les Hughes, a former winner of the Sir William Lyons International Jaguar Award for journalism, is editor of Jaguar Magazine […]

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