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Book: Sir William Lyons, The Official Biography

By Philip Porter and Paul Skilleter

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I have a copy of this book in hardback. It is considerably more expensive, but the content is the same, so for a mere £10.00 an avid Jaguar enthusiast can learn a lot about Jaguar … it is a thoroughly recommended read in my opinion.

Starting at the very beginning, it explains how and why William Lyons established the company.

How and why it grew and moved to Coventry.

Triumphs, tragedies, strategies and mistakes along the way.

An amazing book, by two highly knowledgeable Jaguar authors, who go into great detail and reveal some amazing facts.

It was through reading this book that I discovered that Sir William had a boat called Sea-type and in the early 1960’s he was seriously considering the purchase of Maserati – not just one, but the whole company!

It is packed full of interesting and little known facts, such as these.

If you read this book and then go on to read John Egan: Saving Jaguar you’ll have an excellent understanding of the history of Jaguar!

Introduction by Anders Ditlev-Clausager (JDHT Chief Archivist, retired)

At the end of the book you’ll find explanatory notes on a number of people, from Ian Appleyard to Arthur Whittaker.

This is followed by a Jaguar Financial Analysis, Production numbers and exports.


336 pages in all

Paperback format

13.5cm x 21.5cm x 2.2cm

85 pictures from the JDHT archives

Published by Haynes

£10.00 plus P&P

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