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Jaguar Signed Prints and Jaguar Woman

Soon after his visit to Belize, Jim Patten (executive editor of Jaguar World)  launched a fund-raising campaign in aid of supporting Panthera Onca, successfully raising many thousands of pounds following the support of Jaguar enthusiasts around the world, as well as Jaguar themselves

Jaguar donated a small quantity of Jaguar Woman books and some press photographs, all to be sold in aid of the jaguar. Jim still has a few Jaguar Woman books and some “Jaguar in the Wild” prints, signed and numbered by a former Jaguar Cars employee, Terry McManus 

Every penny goes to the World Land Trust where land is bought at £100 per acre, ensuring the jaguar’s survival. Better still support the WLF direct or adopt a jaguar family through the Born Free Foundation

Terry McManus is now a thriving wildlife artist and writer of children’s books. Find the perfect child’s Christmas present at:

Jaguar signed prints £50.00 + P&P

Jaguar Woman £10.00 + P&P

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