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Xclusively Jaguar e-Magazine

Xclusively Jaguar – August ’22

And here we are again – welcoming in the 14th year of Xclusively Jaguar! The 12th anniversary of Xclusively Jaguar in August 2020 presented new challenges as I got to grips with creating a flip page online magazine as opposed to a simple online newsletter, and I learnt to work […]

Xclusively Jaguar – July ’22

So, the bad news is that I had to decline a VIP invitation from Lord Montagu of Beaulieu and the Trustees of the National Motor Museum to the 50th anniversary of the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu on 3rd July, due to an unavoidable prior engagement. However, it’s not all […]

Xclusively Jaguar – June ’22

This month Xclusively Jaguar welcomes Abbey Stationery with their bespoke Autofile and the chance for you to receive a £5 refund simply by sending us a picture of your cherished car with its Autofile, for inclusion in Xclusively Jaguar magazine and our social media posts. Email for more information. […]

Xclusively Jaguar – May ’22

It’s been a busy month at Xclusively Jaguar! At last we had some shows to attend, the first being the Jaguar Breakfast Club meeting on 2nd April, which was dedicated to the XJ40 and is reported on in this months issue, along with a plethora of other fantastic articles, including: […]

Xclusively Jaguar – April ’22

Welcome to the April 2022 issue of Xclusively Jaguar! At the time of writing, the sun is shining, and petrolheads everywhere are beginning to get their cars out – or at least make those final few tweaks before hitting the road – ready for what will hopefully be a more […]

Xclusively Jaguar – March ’22

This month at Xclusively Jaguar we look back at the history of Jaguar Police Cars with Howard Hunt, Gil Keane tells us the importance of good car lighting (so you don’t get pulled over by those police cars!) and Lockton Performance discuss how you can ensure that your car is […]

Xclusively Jaguar – February ’22

We are back with another feature rich issue for February, with even more pages full of Jaguar news, special offers and articles, including: Free Shipping from Jaguar Classic A host of new parts from SNG Barratt 7 Page article on Boosting by Former Jaguar Engineer Martin Joyce A look down […]

Xclusively Jaguar – January ’22

Welcome to the January 2022 issue of Xclusively Jaguar – and a Happy New Year to you all! We are kicking the year off with some Special Offers, exclusively for our readers! Well, we need something to cheer us up now all the Christmas excitement is subsiding and the we […]

Xclusively Jaguar December issue emagazine

Xclusively Jaguar – December ’21

The December issue is now here! We’re even more excited than usual to get this magazine to you, as despite almost everything going against us in the last couple of days (we have beaten snow, gales, fallen trees, lengthy power cuts and Internet outages and even had to commandeer other […]

Xclusively Jaguar – November ’21

It’s time to start dropping hints for Christmas! November’s issue of Xclusively Jaguar has arrived, and with it, a sleighful of ideas for every Jaguar enthusiast! In this special gifting issue of Xclusively Jaguar… We talk tours and days out for Jaguar owners in 2022… Look at practical gifts for the Jaguar […]

Xclusively Jaguar – October ’21

Jaguar Owners Unite, with stories from some of our youngest enthusiasts, our seasoned heroes, and we even allow some non-Jaguars to attend our “Tea ‘n’ Torque” morning up in the Scottish Borders!

Xclusively Jaguar September 21

Xclusively Jaguar – September ’21

Coinciding with the 35th anniversary of the XJ40 Press Launch at Dunkeld in Scotland, this issue of Xclusively Jaguar Magazine features the story of D38BRW, the only surviving press car from the launch of XJ40, along with references to many of the cars and people whose lives she has touched!

August Magazine

Xclusively Jaguar – August 21

Welcome to the August 2021 issue of Xclusively Jaguar Magazine! August 2021 hails 13 years since the beginning of Xclusively Jaguar, and in this very special issue we are honoured to be welcoming Sir John Egan as our latest patron, and Esta-jane Middling, who will be joining me in running […]

Xclusively Jaguar – July 21

This month we reminisce on a journey in 50EE, the SNG Barratt Series 1 E-type. Martin Joyce traces the development of Fuel Injection and Electronic Engine Management Systems. We take a look at a book devoted to toy Jaguar cars and Tony O’keeffe treats himself to a big Jaguar – […]

Xclusively Jaguar – June ’21

Daimler Super Eight is a special edition of Xclusively Jaguar magazine which features my eight ultimate Daimlers! Not an exhaustive list of Daimler cars or the company history, just the ones I would have, given the opportunity! If you could have just one, which would you choose?

Xclusively Jaguar – May ’21

This month Martin Joyce talks about Refinement and how Jaguar go about eliminating Noise, Vibration and Harshness from their cars. Howard Hunt looks back at the press launch of the X-type, Andy Couper of Lockton Performance defines Agreed Value and Rex Wallis remembers a trip to the Outback in a […]

Xclusively Jaguar – April ’21

This month we are experimenting with a new style cover and the chance for you to win a free E-type colouring sheet. The E-type is well covered in this issue as we try to re-capture some of the excitement of the 50th anniversary, when celebrating landmarks was much easier than […]

Xclusively Jaguar – March ’21

This month we introduce Quinn Lyons as our latest sponsors, set the record straight on Jaguar replicas, and take a moment to appreciate the X-type – the model that, for Jaguar, pioneered the estate body, front wheel drive, all-wheel drive and diesel power!

Xclusively Jaguar – February ’21

This special edition of the magazine features the Lynx Eventer. We look at its history, introduce the man who created a comprehensive register, confirm the numbers built and speculate on the chances of celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Xclusively Jaguar – January ’21

While our cover picture celebrates events past we look forward to an automobilia auction. We highlight the benefits of insuring your cherished car collection with Lockton Performance. Martin Joyce explains one of the ways in which Jaguar have improved fuel economy over the years. Wishing all our readers a Happy […]


Xclusively Jaguar – August ’22

And here we are again – welcoming in the 14th year of Xclusively Jaguar! The 12th anniversary of Xclusively Jaguar […]

Xclusively Jaguar – June ’22

This month Xclusively Jaguar welcomes Abbey Stationery with their bespoke Autofile and the chance for you to receive a £5 […]


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