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D-type XKD 517 (TKF9)

A brief history, taken from  the following sources:

‘Jaguar C-type, D-type & Lightweight E-type Register’ compiled by Terry Larson, Penny Woodley, Den Carlow and Paul Skilleter. Edited by Anders Ditlev Clausager.


Originally sold to Gillie Tyrer by Litherland Motors, Liverpool and, according to the log book, then re-sold to Futura Rubber Company owned by Alex McMillan, and raced by him.

25th May 1956 advertised for sale in Autosport, by Gillie Tyrer.

Sold to Murkett Brothers, Jaguar dealers of Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.

TKF9’s colour was changed from light green to white, the colour of Murkett’s Jaguar demonstrators — ‘because there were too many green or blue Ds around’

Mike Hawthorn tested TKF9, but was too expensive, so Henry Taylor was chosen instead.

1958 sold to Jock McBain and raced for the Border Reivers Team, managed by Ian Scott-Watson  – 20 events, no retirements, 12 wins!

Raced by Jock McBain, Jimmy and John Somervail, but mainly Jim Clark.

Jim Clark achieved the first 100 mph lap on an unbanked track in the UK driving TKF9 on 5th April 1958 at Full Sutton.

Ian Scott-Watson was asked to discreetly arrange for an afternoon at Charterhall where the then Duke of Kent had several laps in TKF9

Sold to Alan Ensoll, in the winter of 1958/9, who competed in hill-climbs, sprints, races and autocross.

In a feature written by Gordon Cruikshank for Motorsport (Dec 1994), Alan Ensoll claimed that TKF9, although mechanically sound, cosmetically was “in a hell of a state” so the monocoque was rebuilt, the headrest was removed, an XK-SS-style luggage rack fitted and TKF9 was re-painted Pastel Green.

Often referred to in the press, at this time, as an XK-SS as Ensoll successfully campaigned TKF9 across the North of England.

8th July 1960 advertised for sale (as a D-type) in Autosport, by Alan Ensoll.

April 1961 sold to, and raced by, Robert J Duncan of Crumlin, Northern Ireland.

14th February 1964 advertised for sale (as a D-type) in Autosport by Belmont Motors.

Sold to Bryan Corser of Shrewsbury by August 1964, and raced by him at least once.

Recorded as being rebuilt as a D-type and painted British Racing Green.

1978 sold to Walter Hill, but remained in the care of Martin Morris (owner and driver of OKV3), Higher Ashton, Devon.

Walter came over to test drive TKF9, but returned to the USA leaving TKF9 with Richard and Trisha Pilkington, at their Totnes Motor Museum.

1979 sold to Willie Tuckett of Devon, who competed in Historic Racing

1983 TKF9 crashed in the historic race supporting the British Grand Prix at Brands Hatch and was rebuilt by Martin Morris. A replica bonnet was fitted.

2001 sold to Nigel Corner

2006 sold to Eric Heerema

Original bonnet repaired and refitted. Returned to ‘original’ colour (that would be pastel green according to the C, D & E type Register book).

Racing History

Date  Event Race no. Driver  Result
17th September 1955 Silverstone, Epsom Downs Bowl   Alex McMillan did not finish
8th October 1955 Silverstone, final meeting 83 Alex McMillan finished 1st in 3 races entered
17th March 1956 Goodwood 37 Alex McMillan 6th
21st April 1956 Aintree 200 25 Alex McMillan 13th
5th May 1956 Silverstone, Daily Express International Trophy 12 Ernie McMillan 19th
12th May 1956 Silverstone 100 Alex McMillan 1st
June 1956 Queensferry Sprint Trials, Chester Motor Club   Gillie Tyrer 131.58 flying quarter mile
21st July 1956 Silverstone 126 E. Murkett 3rd
18th August 1956 Oulton Park, Daily Herald Meeting 18 Henry Taylor 8th
2nd September 1956 Snetterton 17   2nd
21st September 1956 Silverstone     2nd & 1st
6th October 1956 Silverstone     5th & 3rd
1957 Snetterton     1st
31st March 1957 Snetterton     did not finish
6th April 1957 Oulton Park, British Empire Trophy 59   not placed
22nd April 1957  Goodwood, Sussex Trophy 81   8th
12th May 1957 Spa Francorchamps, Grand Prix Meeting 36 Henry Taylor 3rd
26th May 1957 Nurburgring 16 Taylor & A. Scott-Brown did not finish
10th June 1957 Goodwood Whitsun Meeting   Henry Taylor did not finish
25th August 1957 Spa Francorchamps, RACD Grand Prix 6 Brian Naylor 5th
14th September 1957 Silverstone Daily Express International Trophy 78 Henry Taylor not placed
28th September 1957 Goodwood, Goodwood Trophy 1   3rd
13th October 1957 Oulton Park     5th
5th April 1958 Full Sutton, 2 races entered 92 Jim Clark 1st & 1st
27th April 1958 Charterhall, Sportscars over 2.0L 41 Jimmy Somervail 1st
18th May 1958 Spa Francorchamps, Grand Prix   Jim Clark 8th
24th May 1958 Full Sutton, 2 races entered 92 Jim Clark 1st & 1st
21st June 1958 Crimond 1 Jim Clark 1st & 8th
29th June 1958 Charterhall, 2 races entered 38 Jim Clark 1st & 1st
6th July 1958 Charterhall, 2 races entered 38 Jim Clark 1st & 2nd
12th July1958 Full Sutton, 2 races entered 73 Jim Clark 1st & 1st
27th July 1958 Winfield, Sprint (fastest time of the day)   Jim Clark 1st
27th July 1958 Winfield   Jimmy Somervail 2nd
4th August 1958 Mallory Park, Sports Cars Race   Jim Clark 1st
4th August 1958 Mallory Park, Formula Libre heat   Jim Clark 2nd
4th August 1958 Mallory Park, Formula Libre final   Jim Clark 7th
28th September 1958 Charterhall, 2 races entered 38 Jim Clark 2nd & 3rd
12th April 1959 Catterick Hill Climb   Alan Ensoll 1st
27th June 1959 Castle Howard Hill Climb   Alan Ensoll 1st, fastest time of the day
5th July 1959 Charterhall   Alan Ensoll did not finish
18th September 1959 Catterick   Alan Ensoll 2nd
2nd October 1959 Castle Howard Hill Climb   Alan Ensoll fastest time of the day
21st May 1960 Barbon Hill Climb   Alan Ensoll 2nd
24th March 1962 Kirkistown, Ireland   Robert Duncan 2nd
26th may 1962 Kirkistown, Ireland   Robert Duncan 1st
29th May 1967 Oulton Park, Griffiths Formula Race     not placed
4th April 1981 Silverstone   Willie Tuckett 19th
3rd July 1982 Silverstone, AMOC   Willie Tuckett 23rd
9th April 1983 Silverstone, 2 races entered   Willie Tuckett 17th & 5th
1983 Brands Hatch, British GP support race   Willie Tuckett crashed
1990 Nürburgring, Coys 500 km race   Willie Tuckett 1st
September 2009 Spa Francorchamps 41 Gary Pearson 3rd
September 2010 Spa Francorchamps 42 Gary Pearson !st
2011 Le Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or      
2011 Silverstone Classic     1st
27th May 2013   5 Gary Pearson  
2015 Spa Francorchamp   Gary Pearson 3rd
2016 Le Mans Classic 28 Gary Pearson  
26th September 2016 Spa Francorchamp 5 Gary Pearson  
5th May 2018 Donington, RAC Woodcote Trophy 5 Gary Pearson  
2019 Goodwood Revival, Freddie March Trophy 18 Gary Pearson 1st

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