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Lockdown may have caused chaos for the 2020 events season, but it has at least allowed me to do a lot of catching up during a time when normally we would be travelling around the country, accumulating plenty of news, ideas and information, but with no time to report on it, so here is a quick “pre-lockdown events” round-up.

On 17th February 2020 we (Rob Jenner and Letitia Mace) both did our respective presentations at the South Yorkshire JEC Region. Our host for the evening, Carol White, is seen here introducing us to members.

Our last trip out before lockdown was to Shropshire to do a presentation for the Shropshire and Welsh Borders JEC Region on 10th March 2020. Our host for the evening, Nick Cliffe, is seen here recording the event on camera.

South Yorkshire Regional Chairwoman, Carol White, introduces us

Rob Jenner doing a presentation on “A Life with Cars”

Letitia Mace doing a presentation on Xclusively Jaguar

A small, clearly interested, audience enjoying the presentations

Best Bitter for a Beer Salesman – Published in ViaRETRO 18-6-2020 – With many thanks to Anders Bilidt

Best Bitter for a Beer Salesman!

Catching up on all sorts of things during Lockdown, Rob happened to find a previously published feature on our Bitter SC. Originally, as this is not a Jaguar I was not going to publish it here, however, if it were not for our involvement with Jaguars we would not have been at the Restoration Show in 2019 where we found and purchased the Bitter in the auction. So, just like the features I have previously published here relating to Shetland, I felt that it was worth a mention as we, Rob Jenner and Letitia Mace, form the link between Bitter and Jaguar!

Incidentally, one comment on Facebook suggests poor door closure on this car, as seen in the picture below, however, the door is not securely closed as I had just jumped out of the car for the photo! As Rob pointed out in the same Facebook post, the pictures were taken “on the hoof!”

I would just like to thank Anders Bilidt for publishing “Best Bitter for a Beer Salesman” without feeling the need to edit it – it is very refreshing and something I try to stick to in my newsletters.

If something is reasonably well-written, then you know that the writer spent a lot of time thinking it through, and just changing a word can destroy the whole meaning behind a sentence.

So, thankyou Anders for leaving it as it was written, you have indeed inspired me to write something else for you and to encourage others to submit their own car stories to you!


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