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West Sussex Presentation

We (Rob Jenner and Letitia Mace) were once more very kindly invited to give presentations to members of the West Sussex JEC Region at Tottington Manor on the evening of 21st August 2019.

After treating us both to an excellent dinner at The Old Tollgate, Bramber, we drove to Tottington Manor where this region hold their monthly meetings, and around 40 members were waiting for our arrival.

Recently, our presentations have consisted of my illustrated and scripted account of Xclusively Jaguar. What it is, how it came about, history and achievements to date, present day functions and future aims. It is necessarily a snapshot, due to time constraints, and therefore, it works very well with Rob’s unscripted talk following on from it. Here he can enlarge on and answer any questions relating to Xclusively Jaguar which bears relevance to his own work with Jaguar.

On this occasion Rob spoke at length about parts availability and reintroduction by Jaguar Classic, quality control discussions with parts suppliers, and how he works with SNG Barratt to ensure continued refinement of the quality of the parts they supply and re-manufacture.

On the subject of cars with unknown service history prior to our ownership, Rob passed round a broken crankshaft from our last X350 2.7 Diesel, with suitable warnings about changing oil on a regular basis; Two spark plugs, the worst he has ever seen, taken from our Bitter SC Coupe, which failed to proceed while we were in Orkney; Broken Timing Chain Tensioners from an X308 which the owner was reluctant to change, as he insisted there was nothing wrong with the car… until it went bang!

Rob finished with a Q&A session which led to a discussion on Jaguar roof linings… Need I say more?

I am pleased to say that the evening went very well and before we left, destined for a JEC Board Meeting in the Midlands for the following morning, three members purchased signed copies of Win Percy’s biography!

Pictures courtesy of Ian Newman


Just a quick note to thank you both so much for coming to West Sussex and providing us with your excellent presentations as well as the Q and A session at the end. It was great to catch up over a bite to eat before the club night began too. – Ian Newman

Great to see you both at our club night this evening and everyone I spoke to really enjoyed the evening. Thank you so much for providing such a highly informative and entertaining evening. Time passed by very very quickly which is a very good sign of a good evening. Hope you have a good journey this evening to High Wycombe and onwards tomorrow after your meeting.

Just wanted to thank you and Letitia for visiting us yesterday and keeping us entertained with your informative talks. It was a very long trip for you both so we are very grateful to you for making the effort. – Alan Lovell


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